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One Very Blessed Couple!!

Dear family and Friends,

    I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for all the support that you have freely given to Becky and Myself. It just goes beyond words to describe what this has all meant to me. The Raffle, the yard sales, the candy bars, donations, gifts along with spiritual and moral support.

     I thank you and Praise God for His mercy on my life. He alone intervened through all of your prayers. This not only has given me a second chance on life here on earth but a new chance on eternal life. After God and Jesus I am most grateful for Becky. She could have turned and ran. God knows I gave her plenty of chances but she stayed by my side. I never knew that one person could have so much determination. I have to say that her faith is very strong. I had little faith in the beginning but God had a way of opening my eyes so  I could see that Christ is the only way to life and living. I have so much to be grateful for. So many miracles!

   When I was called to Duke University  the sixth time for a transplant I became very upset because my faith was not strong enough. Yours and Beckys was strong enough. The next thing I remember was waking up in intensive care and there were plenty of stories of things I had done and said. I don't remember them. You'll have to ask Becky. What I do remember are the dreams. They were full of my life, the Lord and what my life was going to be like now. I must say, my life has been very different than the way it was  before. For the first time I am really happy. I am looking forward to a complete recovery and living my life to the fullest. Loving the Lord, family, friends and life.

  Thanks again to all you special people who went out your way to help us in this time. I can't begin to thank you all here because there are just so many of you but know this I'll never forget and there will always be  a special place in my heart for each and every one of you. I am forever indebted to all of you. I would also like to thank everyone who sent cards and letters to me while I was in Durham. They were very much appreciated!

  After a while We will close this Web site down but not before I am sure everyone has read this. When you do, please e-mail me here:
No forwards PLEASE!
  Again, thanks.

God Bless you all,
Billy Hodges                                      jus-me

I also want to announce that since we have met our goal financially we want to continue to be a beacon for organ donation. Please CLICK HERE for vital information to help you make an informed decision about organ donation. The life you can save may be of a loved one.  
                                                                                       Billy Hodges

Billy & daughter Jennie

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